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ICM (The Ice Cream Maker) LEOSM eLearning has been designed as a supplemental addition to The Ice Cream Maker book that allows users a better understanding of the importance of utilizing LEOSM within their organizations.  It also helps users understand more of the detail behind the steps of LEOSM, namely Listen, Enrich and Optimize, and has been used as a LEOSM primer in LEOSM program deployments. 

For more information on ICM LEOSM eLearning, please contact:

Jodi Caldwell at jodi.caldwell@asiusa.com, 248-530-1395.

For information about ASI Consulting Group, LLC, visit us at www.asiusa.com.

For information about Dr. Subir Chowdhury, visit www.subirchowdhury.com.

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