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A versatile character, Subir Chowdhury is a best selling author with a plethora of intriguing and mesmerizing books on quality and management. He has authored and co-authored books that have sold more than a million copies and translated in more than 20 different languages worldwide. Some of his books are:

Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook (Wiley, November 2004)
Next Generation Business Handbook: New Strategies from Tomorrow's Thought Leaders (Wiley, September 2004)
The Power of Design For Six Sigma (Dearborn Trade, November 2002)
Organization 21C: Someday All Organizations Will Lead This Way (Financial Times Prentice Hall, September 2002)
Design For Six Sigma: The Revolutionary Process For Achieving Extraordinary Profits (Dearborn Trade, May 2002)
The Talent Era: Achieving a High Return On Talent (Financial Times Prentice Hall, January 2002)
The Power of Six Sigma: An Inspiring Tale of How Six Sigma is Transforming the Way We Work (Dearborn Trade, May 2001)
The Mahalanobis Taguchi System (McGraw-Hill, October 2000)
Management 21C: Someday We'll All Manage This Way (Financial Times Prentice Hall, November 1999)
Robust Engineering: Learn How to Boost Quality While Reducing Costs and Time to Market (McGraw-Hill, October 1999)
QS-9000 Pioneers: Registered Companies Share Their Strategies for Success (Irwin McGraw-Hill and ASQ, May 1996)

Interview :

Business Week hails Chowdhury as The Quality Prophet
Author and consultant Subir Chowdhury shares insights about quality living—both in business and at home.
Interview with Marshall Goldsmith in BusinessWeek
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"The real power of Six Sigma is simple, because it combines People Power with Process Power. Six Sigma companies focus on both people and process sides. Good companies focus on not making mistakes," says Subir Chowdhury, in an interview with Sini Joseph.
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  Subir Chowdhury has authored internationally best selling books like The Power of Six Sigma, Management 21C to name some, which have captured the imagination of the corporate world.  
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