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The Ice Cream Maker introduced the concept of LEOSM (Listen,
Enrich, and Optimize) which is the next generation quality system. LEOSM is different than other quality systems and initiatives in several key areas –

“All the people, all the time”: Quality involves everyone and everyone plays a role in the quality of a product or service offering from the front line clerk and cleaning crew to the executives.
Inclusive rather than exclusive: LEOSM is an inclusive quality system rather than an exclusive one. Everyone must realize their role in quality and take action or execute that role to insure that the product or service offering is always of the highest quality.
One size does not fit all: We use the LEOSM concepts when we are helping customers to implement LEOSM. This involves LISTENING to the customer to understand their specific needs and developing a LEOSM implementation plan that addresses those specific needs. This tailored approach allows our customers to get what they need, create a healthy return on their LEOSM investment and become self sufficient in using LEOSM within their business.
Many Tools: There is never one tool that fixes everything. A hammer may be your favorite tool, but it is a poor choice for sawing wood. This analogy applies to using tools within the LEOSM quality system. There are many tools and methodologies that can be taught and used based on your needs within the LEOSM quality system:
Upstream Tools or proactive tools such as MTS, TRIZ, Robust Optimization, and Axiomatic Design that can help you prevent fires versus always fighting them.
Mainstream Tools or tools for your support functions such as process mapping, lean principles, Voice Of the Customer techniques, and Creative Idea Generation Techniques. Manufacturing and Engineering are not the only areas of a company that can improve in terms of quality and productivity and these tools can be used in HR, Finance, Facilities, Accounting, Purchasing, etc.
Downstream Tools or reactive tools such as Kaizen, 5 whys/cause and effect diagram, Function Models, etc. that assist in fixing the things that break or are not performing the way that you want them to perform.

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