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The Ice Cream Maker introduced the next generation quality system - LEOSM (Listen, Enrich, and Optimize). We can help you apply LEOSM to your business.
What makes LEOSM unique?
It involves “all the people, all the time”
It is inclusive rather than exclusive
It is scalable
It involves many tools/ methods but is tailored to fit YOUR needs
If you are interested, please call Jodi Caldwell at
248-530-1395 or email at jodi.caldwell@asiusa.com


Learn about the journey into the world of Quality through our 3-hour long eLearning certification course.

  "In The Ice Cream Maker, Chowdhury has created a short fable about a manufacturing firm that learns to trust its employees, listen to its customers and focus always on quality. In 115 jargon-free pages, he boils down most of the wisdom of modern management theory and practice that is equally relevant to chief executive and front-line clerk."

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For further information contact Jodi Caldwell at jodi.caldwell@asiusa.com, 248-530-1395. For information about ASI Consulting Group, LLC, visit us at www.asiusa.com. For information about Dr. Subir Chowdhury, visit www.subirchowdhury.com.
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  * LEO is a service mark of Subir Chowdhury, patent pending.
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